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Can TCM Treat Kidney Cysts and Vertebral Cysts

My cousin had a CT scan for back pain which showed kidney cysts and vertebral cysts at the level of kidneys. Are these connected from the point of view of TCM? Can TCM treat kidney cysts and vertebral cysts?

Both Kidney Cysts and vertebral cysts are abnormalities of the body, and most of them are common, benign, fluid-filled, cystic lesions in kidneys or vertebra. At present, surgery is the only method to deal with these cysts when they are large in size. However, in some cases, the cysts are more likely to refill again. In this condition, patients may need another surgery.

Compared with surgery, Traditional Chinese Medicine aims at prompting sac fluid dissolved by patients’ own circulatory system. After many years’ research, some Chinese herbs show an effect on dilating blood vessels and increasing the permeability of cystic walls. Extended blood vessels can make the pressure outside the sac higher than inside the sac. With this difference of pressure, sac fluid will be discharged out and dissolved by the blood circulation gradually. Finally, kidney cysts and vertebral cysts can become smaller and smaller.

Another advantage of TCM is that it produces few side effects if used correctly. However, mistaken herb may cause some side effects. Therefore, working together with doctors of traditional Chinese medicine is very important.

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