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Causes of Swollen Kidney

2014-10-20 11:37

Kidneys can filter blood and remove wastes from blood. However, in some cases, the kidneys may become swollen.What are the causes of swollen kidney? Is there any way to shrink the large kidneys?

Any question? Please consult with your medical professional now!

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is characterized by multiple cysts in kidneys. With age, the cysts keep increasing persistently in both size and number, thus leading to swollen kidney. Adults with autosomal dominant PKD experience the onset of symptoms after 30 years of age. Symptoms include high blood pressure, back pain, etc. As 60% of patients will develop Kidney Failure by age 60, it is important for the patients to seek aggressive treatment early enough.


Hydronephrosis mainly occurs in the following conditions:

* There is a blockage somewhere in the urinary tract

* The normal working of the bladder is disrupted which causes urine to flow back from the bladder and into the kidney.

As the urine can not be filtered normally from body, it can cause swollen kidney. If it is left untreated, it may cause more serious kidney damage.

Interstitial nephritis

Interstitial nephritis is a disorder in which the renal interstitium is inflamed. It can be temporary or chronic, depending on the cause. It may result from drug allergies or from the use of medications.What medicines are harmful to kidneys and can cause damage to kidneys? Email to kidneyabc@hotmail.com to get a list of OTC medicines.

Vesicoureteral reflux

Vesicoureteral reflux is a common cause of enlarged kidney. It refers to abnormal flow of urine from the bladder back to kidney tubules. Primary vesicoureteral reflux is commonly seen in children. The secondary form of this condition happens when a blockage results from a bladder infection that causes kidney and bladder swelling. Glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis is a kidney disorder,in which the filtering units, called glomeruli are inflamed. As the glomeruli are responsible for filtering blood, impairment of glomeruli can cause building-up of wastes and toxins in blood. Meanwhile, a large amount of proteins will leak through glomeruli and end up in urine, leading to proteinuria.

As swollen kidneys can imply very serious kidney conditions, you should never neglect it. What are the causes of swollen kidneys in your condition? Consult our medical professional to get the answer.

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