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How Much Water Is For Chronic Kidney Disease With Heart Failure

2018-10-06 10:42

Chronic Kidney Disease,Heart FailureHow to drink water for different groups? How much water is for Chronic Kidney Disease With Heart Failure? Following this article to get the answer.

(1) Healthy population

The water volume for healthy population is that they can accept.

(2) Patients with chronic kidney disease

For patients with renal insufficiency, if not accompanied by edema, can drink more water, increase urine excretion of metabolic waste and toxins, water volume is the same as healthy people.

(3) Kidney Disease with edema.

For patients with edematous kidney disease, such as acute nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, pyelonephritis and other obvious edema, should pay attention to daily monitoring of body weight, record 24 hours of urine volume, the amount of water in and out, according to yesterday's urine volume + 500 ml calculation, generally not more than 1000 ml, at the same time should pay attention to the water content of food itself, such as noodles If the thirst is obvious, a small amount of corn whisker water, watermelon water, wax gourd soup and other soups can be drinked to reduce edema and ensure weight gain.

(4) Chronic kidney disease with heart failure

In patients with chronic kidney disease, the excretion of water is reduced, so the amount of water should be strictly controlled. For this kind of patients, drinking water is also required to "balance out", drinking water can also be calculated according to yesterday's urine + 500ml, it should be noted that each time to drink a small amount of water, drink several times, prohibit a large amount of water.

(5) Frequent urinary tract infections

For those who often suffer from urinary tract infections, it is necessary to develop the habit of drinking plenty of water, give full play to the "flushing" effect of water on the urethra to avoid bacterial reproduction; for patients with urinary calculi, drinking plenty of water has preventive and therapeutic effects on all components of calculi, if there is no taboo, can drink plenty of water, the amount can reach 2500-3000ml/day, night Also want to drink water, such can accelerate the discharge of urine, precipitation in the kidney and accumulation of calcium, impurities out of the body. Maintain urine volume for more than 2000-3000ml/ days.

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