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Why Protein in Urine is Very Hard to Treat Well in Most Time

2016-10-12 14:11

Control Protein in Urine,Without Hormone Treatment,Chinese MedicineWhy Protein in Urine is very hard to treat well in most time? There is no protein in normal people’s urine, generally said, the urine volume should not be over 0.15g in 24h urine. If it is over 3.5g, it means that it is too much, also named as Renal Proteinuria. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why protein filters into urine and form into proteinuria?

Firstly, physiological factor, overloaded work or some vigorous exercises or have a sever mood fluctuation or take some irritant foods would cause to blood circulation acceleration and make times of blood flowing into kidney increase and finally cause to the kidney burden increased.

Secondly, pathological factor, protein leak caused by renal damage, this kind of renal damage can be glomerular damage or renal tubules damage. Symptoms of this two are different, so treatment option is different too.

What can be effective treatment for patients with protein in urine?

The first one is hormone suppression, this way is the most common way now. Because the function of hormone is reducing the permeability of renal cells, which can force to stop the protein leak. This way has advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is having quick results and this way has been use for a long time, it is more mature, the usage and dose can be controlled easily, and most hospitals can do it. While the disadvantage is easy to repeat, because it just can suppress, can not treat, so it will repeat when the medicine effects disappear and medicine intake stop.

The second is comprehensive treatment, clean the blood and toxins in renal through nursing renal cells so as to stop its deterioration and maintain the renal function and keep the renal compensatory to eliminate urine protein, this way also have advantage and disadvantage, the advantage is that it can treat proteinuria from the root, and isn’t easy to repeat, the disadvantage is having a slow results and the treatment process is complicated.

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