Diabetes is hard to manage. You can get a comprehensive understanding of the disease here and get the information about the latest treatments and get professional advices. read more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a brand-new therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines dating back thousands of years ago. It combines the essences of herbal medicines read more

Hormonal therapy is commonly used to treat Kidney Disease in clinic. It refers to use one or more than one hormone medicines to suppress the over-reactive immune reaction read more

Patients are suggested to treat kidney disease first before they get pregnant read more

If you are diagnosed with Kidney Disease, you should talk to your doctor about starting an exercise read more

Foods and Drinks play an important role in Kidney Disease patients read more

Kidney Disease News and Events read more

In every week, a famous experienced renal medicine specialist will be invited to help diagnose and evaluate inpatient's disease condition, offering detailed therapeutic schedule. read more

Kidney Failure (Renal Failure) Treatment

What is the latest kidney failure( renal failure) treatment? The combined therapy of western and Chinese medicine is a better choice for you.

Natural Treatment for Kidney Failure Caused by Heart Disease

Heart disease can cause kidney failure over years. And a common sign is high creatinine levels. Kidney Disease experts find that natural treatment helps improve both kidney and heart functions. How doe...read more

6 Steps of Immunotherapy for Kidney Failure

More than 95% of kidney disease relate to the underlying immune disorder. This is why immunotherapy is suggested to the kidney failure treatment recently. Here are 6 steps of immunotherapy for your inf...read more

Latest Treatment for Kidney Failure with Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is a common symptom of kidney failure, which is due to the high level of toxins in body. Failed kidney could not remove toxins in the body so they mess up in the body and mess up in the body...read more

Treatment for Kidney Failure Secondary to RPGN

Q: I just found out that the reason for my brothers kidney failure is rapid progressive Glomerulonephritis also known as crescent Glomerulonephritis. His GFR is at 9. Are you telling me that cell treat...read more

Natural Treatment for Kidney Failure

Various treatments are available in the medical market. Besides chemical treatments, dialysis and kidney transplant, natural treatment also is very hot for it helps treat the disease without major side...read more

Can Dialysis Reduce High Creatinine Level In Kidney Failure

When you are at high creatinine level for a long time, usually your kidneys are malfunctioned. And your doctor may suggest dialysis . However, can dialysis reduce high creatinine level? Once the creati...read more

Kidney Failure: Alternative Treatment to Dialysis

Dialysis and Kidney Transplant is the main treatment options for kidney failure patients. When your GP says, you will soon need dialysis, he or she may not be always right. After more than 25 years res...read more

Immunotherapy for Transplanted Kidney Failure

Q: I received kidney transplant for Kidney Failure 10 years ago. However, now my kidneys cannot work again for my creatinine level elevates (290). Why my kidney failure come back? can you suggest an al...read more

Medicated Bath for Kidney Failure

Medicated bath helps improve your health condition, which is also a supplement treatment for Kidney Failure . Medicated bath is a bath that the medications are added to the bath water to achieve the go...read more

New Research of TCM for Immune Kidney Failure

According to the new research, most of the kidney diseases, more than 95%, is caused by autoimmune diseases. This is called immune kidney diseases when it develops kidney failure, it is called immune k...read more

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