Diabetes is hard to manage. You can get a comprehensive understanding of the disease here and get the information about the latest treatments and get professional advices. read more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a brand-new therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines dating back thousands of years ago. It combines the essences of herbal medicines read more

Hormonal therapy is commonly used to treat Kidney Disease in clinic. It refers to use one or more than one hormone medicines to suppress the over-reactive immune reaction read more

Patients are suggested to treat kidney disease first before they get pregnant read more

If you are diagnosed with Kidney Disease, you should talk to your doctor about starting an exercise read more

Foods and Drinks play an important role in Kidney Disease patients read more

Kidney Disease News and Events read more

In every week, a famous experienced renal medicine specialist will be invited to help diagnose and evaluate inpatient's disease condition, offering detailed therapeutic schedule. read more

Patient Record

Are you feared with renal disease? Please look at them how to regain health? there is a home of love,hope and happinessour in here. Professional doctors will fight against illness with you together!


PKD Patients Send A Thanking Letter To Our Staffs

Tom comes from US, 56 years old, before he comes to our hospital, serious back pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, kidney cysts. He is a polycystic kidney disease patient, who want to live a high qual...read more

Alternative Treatments Reduce High Creatinine 6.6 In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Creatinine 6.6 can be reduced effectively by dialysis in a short time. But, why more and more stage stage 4 kidney failure patients are searching for alternative treatments? What is alternative treatme...read more

A Letter Of Help From Nephrotic Patients In The United States

In this morning, when i opened the Email: kidneyabc@hotmail.com, i found one letter of help from 70 years old kidney disease patient. He did not want dialysis any more, and ask us how to rebuild kidney...read more

Help Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Avoid Dialysis In Uremia Stage With Alternative Treatments

This is a story about Sobia, he was a patient of Pakistan to seek alternative treatment that he came to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM, after 26 days treatment, his disease was controlled well . ...read more

Can I Reduce Creatinine 789 And Urine Nitrogen 21 To Be Normal In Dialysis

Once kidney is damaged that lots of indicators are in high, which means dangerous to your healthy. Creatinine and urine nitrogen can show the conditions of your kidneys. So can creatinine 789 and urine...read more

Causes And Treatments Of Swelling In Dialysis Patients

Why Dialysis Patients suffering from swelling? Dialysis has the effect to eliminate excess fluid, but, patients still have swelling in dialysis period, so what is the causes and treatments? Now, i will...read more

From Despair To Surprise: Creatinine Reduced From 1200 To 200

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM is a Specialized Hospital Kidney Disease in China, and I think that it is the best Hospital in China, because my wife got a new life here. I am very grateful to the...read more

How To Treat The Hypertensive Renal Impairment With Creatinine 288

Today we are going to introduce a case of a patient suffering from Kidney Disease, hypertensive renal impairment with creatinine 288, has achieved the curative effects in the treatment of Traditional C...read more

Treat Protein 2+ And Occult Blood 3+ In IgA Nephropathy With No Relapse

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM is specialized in proteinuria and blood urine. Alternative treatments in our hospital can help treat proteinuria and hematuria naturally with no relapse. Now, i wil...read more

Reduce Urine Protein 4.12g In Nephrotic Syndrome With No Relapse

Proteinuria is one of complications in Nephrotic Syndrome, which is difficult to be treated, and it is easy to relapse. Is there any treatment to treat proteinuria from the root? Now, i will share one ...read more

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